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Hybrid Papers & Patents
Number Title
4,206,006 Hybrid rocket propellant with nitroso derivative of hexamethylene tetramine
4,424,679 Constant thrust hybrid rocket motor
5,010,730 Gas-fed hybrid propulsion system
5,099,645 Liquid-Solid Propulsion System And Method
5,101,623 Rocket motor containing improved oxidizer injector
5,119,627 Embedded pressurization system for hybrid rocket motor
5,339,625 Hybrid rocket motor solid fuel grain
5,367,872 Method and apparatus for enhancing combustion efficiency of solid fuel hybrid rocket motors
5,386,777 Rocket motor construction from porous binder core 
5,509,981 Hybrid rocket fuel
5,529,264 Launch vehicle system
5,529,648 Heterogeneous fuel for hybrid rocket
5,572,864 Solid-fuel, liquid oxidizer hybrid rocket turbopump auxiliary engine
5,579,636 Pyrotechnic valve, igniter and combustion preheater for hybrid rocket motors
5,582,001 Hybrid rocket combustion enhancement
5,619,011 Process for producing a hybrid rocket fuel
5,694,769 Liquid oxidizer immersion type hybrid rocket
5,722,232 Hybrid helium heater pressurization system and electrical ignition system for pressure-fed hybrid rockets
5,765,361 Hybrid-LO2-LH2 Low Cost Launch Vehicle
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Title Author Format
1st Hydrogen Peroxide Workshop
Hydrogen Peroxide - The Safe Supply & Handling of HTP Martin Jeffhtml
Practical Experience with High Test Hydrogen Peroxide Harold N. Feigenbaum, Norbert Nimmerfroh, Egon Walzer html
Toxicity of Rocket fuels: Comparison Of Hydrogen Peroxide with Current Propellants David Mattie html
Catalytic Decomposition of H2O2. Comparison of Unsupported and Alumina Supported Manganese Oxide Catalysts Charles Kappenstein, D. Duprez, A. K. H. Nohman, S. A. A. Mansour, M. I. Zaki html
Practical Experience with Hydrogen Peroxide Catalysts Jerry Jon Sellers, Richard Brown, Malcolm Paul html
Practical Experience with Hydrogen Peroxide Hybrid Rockets Richard Brown, Jerry Jon Sellers, Malcolm Paul html
High Test Peroxide Hybrid Rocket Research Stephen D. Heister, Eric J. Wernimont, John J. Rusek html
Silver Screen Catalyst Bed Design For A Pressure Fed Liquid Fueled Upper Stage Engine Philip W. Morlan, P. K. Wu, D. Ruttle, R. Fuller, A.S.Nejad html
Polyethylene and Hydrogen Peroxide Hybrid Testing at the United States Air Force Academy Michael Bettner, Ronald W. Humble html
The Peroxide Counter Revolution: Replacing Toxic Propellants in Space Edward Keith html